I’m Vita – Founder of The Fit on Trip and co-founder of TwoFit.

I have two massive passions in life that I am obsessed about – travel & fitness. So far, I have visited 4 continents, more than 30 countries (most of them multiple times), and have lived in 4 of them. Currently I live in UK, London, however I am thinking about relocating again – why not, when there are so many exciting places still to experience? 🙂

Whilst travelling and exploring the world, I have also successfully completed my Fitness and Nutrition studies and launched TwoFit – an online partner-based fitness coaching company. I have also managed to not only stay on track with my fitness journey but also to progress with my fitness goals. This blog is for all those interested in how to stay fit whilst traveling, what to do (and what to avoid) and what fitness activities are out there in various countries.

Welcome to the place where fit travel nomads hang out!