2019 In Review (or learning to live Upside Down)

At the beginning of last year I wrote a blog “2018 Overview (or How to Be Happy with Achievement-Obsessed personality)”. That article was a reminder to live peacefully with myself, and as the title suggests, primarily with my ambitious personality.

Unsurprisingly, I did not make it easy to myself to do the above.

2019 were full of changes – good, bad, difficult, easy, some unexpected and some planned ones. I reached a point in 2019 where I looked back at my set of Big Life Goals and understood that 80% of them are already accomplished and the other 20% are irrelevant or incorrect. And by ‘incorrect’ I mean that they did not align with my Life Purpose, which meant that they needed changing. And as you might know, changing Big Fluffy Life Goals is not necessarily an easy job to do.

2019 in review_goals

Nevertheless, with some help from few amazing people and huge amounts of coffee, I think I nailed last year as much as I could. So here we go, my 2019 in review:

January 2019

  • Kicked off 2019 in Australia, Perth, learning to live Upside Down. Tried my best to get used to Australian summer in January with +40 degree temperature (still can’t).
  • Fell in love with New Zealand. Had the most amazing hikes and many ‘Ahh, this is so beautiful’ moments while travelling there with Austute.

2019 in review_New Zealand

  • Restarted monthly Accountability sessions with the HH team Sam and Rūta, who also surprised me on my birthday by arranging Sam to come to Lithuania in July to see me. You both are my inspiration <3

February 2019

  • Was awarded a status of Associate Fellow at Australian Institute of Management (WA). What does that mean? Well, that I get to hang out with super intelligent people, game changers and world shakers on a regular basis 😊
  • Started my Sailing classes. Got completely soaked by the pouring rain in the first class and fell of the moving boat on the second one. After those experiences, no further sailing conditions seemed bad.

March 2019

  • My girl Ina finally came to visit me in Perth. Unfortunately, this time our friends Nice A. and Sveta did not go out to the beach with us, so we behaved 😊 We also managed to win a sailing race with Ina sailing on the racing boat for the first time ever!
  • After fighting my wrist injury (which keeps coming back), I restarted my elbow planche training. I am slowly getting there.

2019 in review_Elbow planche_Calisthenics

April 2019

  • Had the most expensive and also the most beautiful picnic ever – Dine en Blanc (‘Dinner in White’). You HAVE TO try it at least once, if you haven’t done that yet!

2019 in review_Dinner in white

  • Had so many amazing days (mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights…) with three amazing human beings who made all the restructuring and changes at work irrelevant! Melori, Tara and Mel – you’re amazing, I hope you know that.

May 2019

  • Tried surfing for the first time in my life. Few days later (and after drinking quite a few glasses of wine in a wine tour in Swan Valley), I managed to do a synchronised headstand with Andrej. Also, for the first time in my life.
  • Delivered a month-long Leadership training course for the executives from Hong Kong and Myanmar. It was such an amazing opportunity to help young leaders to redefine their leadership capabilities. And the best thing is that I am doing this again in 2020!

June 2019

  • Finally! After a lot of work, my academic article on ‘Linguistic Markers of Hubris’ was published in the Journal of Business Ethics, which, by the way, is an A and FT50 journal (a big deal in the academic community). This made me feel like Christmas just came early! You can read my article here 😉

July 2019

  • Went back to Europe for a month. I started my trip by surprising my parents by showing up in their garden one Sunday afternoon (thanks to my beloved broliukas Vytenis (in the photo) for helping me to secretly plan this).

2019 in review_family_euro trip

  • Afterwards I went to Berlin to plan future adventures with Auste, had most amazing Espresso Martini with Mr David in Munich, had lots of fun with my Powerpuff girls Lina and June in Lisbon and had no sleep in London at all – thanks to Rūta, Ina, Jurgita, Rasa, Sam and Eglė. And of course, I cannot forget the best almond croissant in London at The Monmouth with Karl (seriously, that’s not a joke – they DO have the best almond croissants!), coffee with a person who always makes me smile Nick, lots of laugh with the most stunning Georgian Nino and drinks with my mission impossible team – Vini, Marius & Abhay. Now I just remembered that I also delivered a class in a Parliament while in London…
  • Afterwards I went back to Lithuania (again) to spend more time with my amazing family and friends – who are like family. Aleksej , Gintare and Ievute – I am waiting for you in Perth now!

2019 in review_Lithuania

  • Oh, I also did some work! While in Europe, I presented a paper on ‘Using Machine Learning to Identify Linguistic Markers of Hubris’ in EURAM conference in Portugal. A bonus was meeting some amazing Lithuanian academics and eating way-too-many Pasteis de Nata pastries.

August 2019

  • My research work was selected for a presentation in the biggest annual management conference in the world – Academy of Management. I had such an amazing experience in Boston presenting my research to hell loads of people, discussing ideas and projects with masterminds and generally absorbing new knowledge like a sponge.
  • While on that side of the world, made a quick trip to New York to see my friend and another inspirational human being Joe. Let’s meet this year in China?

September 2019

  • Had one of the most memorable trips in my life to Japan with who else than my bestie globe trotter Auste. For this girl I can hike 25km in the rain without complaining! (which we actually did…)

2019 in review_japan

  • Thanks to Gintarė, I discovered a new way to supplement my gym routine – Pilates Reformer classes. Doing fitness exercises on a moving bed while trying to balance on one leg is quite an experience. Try Gintare’s class if you do not believe me!

October 2019

  • Promised my friend Eimutis to have a motorbike trip in Western Australia if he came to visit me. That’s exactly what we did! We also had a super fun ride on Quad bikes in the forest around Perth. Yes, quad bikes can fly too.
  • Officially became a member of RPYC. Now I get to sail on a weekly basis with my most amazing sailing parents (and not to fall off the boat).
  • Kicked off a new project with Ingrida and Juratė to start a Lithuanian school in Perth. I am very proud of these two amazing mums for all their dedication to the cause. The school for the little ones starts in February 2020! Would you like to learn Lithuanian too? 😉

November 2019

  • Talking of teaching Lithuanian – delivered the 80th class to one of my Lithuanian language students. We are about to celebrate 100th class in few months. Seriously, anyone with such strong dedication to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world – Lithuanian – deserves a medal.
  • Triple YES! After using all sorts of techniques to convince my family to come and visit me in Australia… they actually came! To celebrate this, we had the century’s trip (we covered pretty much the entire ‘bottom’ of Australia, from Sydney to Perth). And yes, there will be a separate blog about that trip.

2019 in review_family trip

  • This time truly unexpectedly have been awarded a Learning and Teaching Award for my work at the University. It is an amazing honour to be recognised for something I truly enjoy doing!
  • This month I also learnt to make Gin (after getting nearly baked at +47 heat with my Fairy Godmother Lina and my love Sami). Now I have some Vita’s made gin in my house if you want to come over for a drink? 😉

December 2019

  • Finished the year on a high with another award. This time for…. Talking to people! A certificate for being “Networking Extraordinaire” is now in my office.
  • Mondays just got upgraded…. Together with Sami, we re-defined the negative connotation associated with Mondays by establishing ‘Magnificent Monday’ concept. Seriously, Mondays have never felt so good!
  • Organised a Hens party for the little Persian Princess Melori. You are going to be a bride from a Fairy tale!
  • Had such a lovely traditional Christmas celebration with Lithuanian community in Perth. I did not know that in a year you can become close to so many people, but yes, you can. Gintaras and Ingrida – you’re officially my family here. And I am taking my mini-best-friend Medeina (the one in the photo below) with me, if I ever decide to leave Perth!

2019 in review_friends_christmas

  • Finally, if you read my blog on ‘What do I want?’, you will know my attitude towards a RED lipstick. Thanks to Tara, it’s officially ON.

There are also lots of things that are not listed here. Changes at work. Getting a bunny. Losing a bunny. Lots of smaller trips in Australia. Meeting new people. Losing others.

Thank you, 2019, for all these experiences, emotions and adventures. My aspiration for 2020 is doing the same things… just better!



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