12 best Christmas gift ideas for the ultimate fitness maniac

Christmas is a beautiful celebration for all the (fit) families around the world. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends, reflect on the year that has just passed and, obviously, gift your loved ones something special. If you are one of those who struggle with Christmas presents, here’s the list of the 12 best gift ideas for the ultimate fitness maniac. As some people say, fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness. So get the fit Christmas going!

12 best Christmas present for the fitness addict

  1. Sportswear

Sportswear is a great present for anyone who is into sports and fitness. For the gym maniac, you can always buy a nice gym bag and stuff it with a new pair of trainers, shorts, tops or other outfits. For those who are interested in outdoor sports, thermal clothes are always the best Christmas gift. Runners benefit from a new pair of running shoes, cyclists from cycling gloves and glasses, and winter sport lovers from warm socks and hats. The world of sportswear is unlimited! Of course, if you struggle with choices, you can be more practical and simply gift someone a sport shop voucher!

  1. Calisthenics equipment

If you are looking for the best Christmas gift for someone who does a lot of bodyweight training or works out at home, go for calisthenics equipment. Such equipment as rings, parallettes or TRX are always perfect to gift those who do not have a passion for gyms but enjoy working out at home, parks or on the move. The list continues with resistance bands, skipping ropes, and a pullup bar. Or, if you want to be remembered for giving the heaviest present of the year, try gifting a weighted vest or a weight set to workout with at home. An added benefit – you will have a little workout too by packing such presents!

The best Christmas present for the fitness addict - calisthenics equipment

  1. Couple workout or Partner meal plan

It is well known that working out with your significant other has lots of benefits. If you don’t have this yet among your 2018 new year (fitness) resolutions, this might be a great addition to it. A couple workout or a matching meal plan for partners is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for all those who believe in the “train together stay together” mentality. Join the TwoFit club!

  1. Fitness Tech

Wearable technology was ranked #1 in the annual survey of worldwide fitness trends in 2016. Technology continues to be on the rise so if you haven’t gifted your loved one a smart watch, well, it’s about time to do that. These little gadgets count your steps, track calories, look at your sleep pattern and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to get one. There are lots of good smart watches or fitness bands like X or Y among many others, so choose what’s works best for you.

Other option is getting someone a pair of good headphones. Who doesn’t love to listen to the music whilst in the gym or running? Like with any tech, there’s plenty of brands and styles to choose from. Game on!

  1. Supplements

Sounds simple, however you would be surprised how many fitness addicts would be in love with such a gift. I got a stack of protein powders and multivitamins last Christmas and that was definitely one of the best Christmas gifts received! Pre-workouts, protein powders,  BCAAs and protein bars might best suit gymaholics, however vitamins might be a thoughtful gift for any family member.

  1. Gym membership / Class pass

As we’ve started talking about gyms, why don’t you gift someone a gym membership? There are variety of options to choose from (from a fancy riverside gym to a local warehouse 24/7 gym). Help others to stick to their “let’s be healthier” new year resolutions and, if you haven’t done that already, gift a membership to yourself too!

If your loved one is not a gym-goer, there are plenty of other activity options to choose from. How about a class pass to try a spin or dance lesson? A membership to a yoga studio? There are so many options to bring someone excitement!

  1. Sport must-haves

Everyone who is involved in sports knows that you can never have too much sport related tools, equipment and other gear. Depending on your budget, a new water bottle, shaker, yoga mat or foam roller can become one of the best Christmas gifts. For a more thoughtful present you could always put together a nice post-training kit – a selection of staples like shower gel, shampoo and other goodies packed nicely in an easy to carry case. For someone who is obsessed with tracking their performance, a gym log book could be a top gift.

Stay fit while traveling - preparation is important

  1. Personal training session

Personal training is usually a relatively expensive gift, however most personal trainers have some sort of Christmas discounts during the festive season, so you might be able to find something at a reasonable price. TwoFit is one of the training organisations to offer discounts for buying a personal training session in December. Getting your loved one a gym membership or a pass to try a new activity is great, but having the added benefit of accountability when training with a coach is fitness at the next level 😉

The best Christmas present for the fitness addict - personal training session

  1. Healthy nibble box

Yes, food! A lot of people would say that chocolate and sweets is one of the best Christmas gifts. Chocolate is definitely one of the most popular gifts for any occasion, however I am not confident it makes it the best gift! Putting together a healthy nibble box might be a great option if you are looking for a gift for a fitness enthusiast. The “content” of the box is unlimited: nuts, seeds, protein spread or flapjacks, rice crackers, vegetable chips… Be creative!

  1. Books about fitness

I know a few people who would say that there can never be too many books… If the fitness enthusiast you’re looking for a gift for is also a book-reader, there are so many good books out there! Healthy cooking, sports therapy at home, muscle gain, best stretches – it is hard to list all the possible topics. Good fitness experience starts with knowledge and books – as old school as such a gift is – can help someone to start or progress on their fitness journey.

  1. Sports or Deep tissue massage

After heavy exercising, some proper relaxation is required! Booking a sports or deep tissue massage is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for a fitness addict who is always sore from exercising. These types of massages help to alleviate DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and muscle tightness which can definitely help someone to feel more festive.

If a massage is not an option, you can always look at some alternatives for self-massage such as a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Perhaps not as effective as a massage, but still a fantastic way to help the body to recover.

  1. Fitness trip

Finally, if your budget is unlimited and you are planning for something reeeeeally special this Christmas, a fitness trip is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts you can give your loved one. Whether you plan it yourself (hike in Luxembourg?) or book an organised tour (yoga retreat in Bali?), it’s still a great gift to make someone happy. As you might have heard, one of the best things you can give someone is memories. Let’s get those fit memories started this year!

The best Christmas present for the fitness addict - sportswear.jpeg

Merry Fit Christmas everyone!


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