Active weekend in Luxembourg: what to do?

Travel duration: 3 days

Visited: Mid-September, 2017

Fitness & health activities in Luxembourg City:

  1. Running & Cycling

If you are staying in Luxembourg City, Petrusse Park in the Alzette Valley has some really nice running paths, is big and well-lit even at night. The park runs from Adolphe Bridge to Paserelle Bridge. You do not feel like you are in a city once you are in the park as it runs through a valley shielded by stony slopes and rocks. There’s also a skate park and a little callisthenics/outdoor fitness equipment park.

Petrusse Park in the Alzette Valley in Luxemourg City has some really great running paths

If you are looking for a more challenging route, check out what RunMap has to offer for Luxembourg. There are also plenty of cycling paths as cycling is quite popular in general throughout the country.   

  1. Hiking

There are some really nice hiking routes in Luxembourg, so if you are into hiking, definitely try a route or two.

Hike 1: Vianden Castle & Hohllay Cave.

The castle is included in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO and is located in North Luxembourg in the small town of Vianden, not far away from the Germany border. It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive from Luxembourg City to reach the castle, but if you have some time and a car to get there, it is worth it. The castle stands on a high rocky hill at a height of 310 metres (it is a good warm-up to climb up to the castle). The castle is in a good condition and is reminiscent of a proper castle from fairy-tales. You can walk inside and outside of the castle and the views from it, overlooking the river Our and the town, are just stunning. Entrance fee is around 5 eur.


Hohllay Cave is around 35 mins drive South from the Castle (or 40 mins drive if you are coming from Luxembourg City centre). Google maps will bring you to the right place: a small parking lot by the forest. From there you can do lots of hikes in various directions. We followed signs towards the cave (which I think was spelt slightly differently in Luxembourgish, “hoh – lee” or something around these lines) and explored the surrounding area. There are lots of walkthroughs and passages, so you can walk around for quite a while if you wish. There are definitely lots of stunning places to see and it is all for free!

Hohllay Cave is a great place to hike in Luxembourg

  • TIP: Take a jacket with you. It gets quite chilly in the forest, especially as it is nestled between big mossy stones.

Hike 2: Besides visiting some castles and caves, we did a hike through the vineyards by Grevenmacher town and it was amazing. Grevenmacher is in the east of the country, right near the German border (another 30 minute drive from the city centre). It stretches along the river, Moselle, and you could see Germany across the river. We did the “Wine hike” – upon arriving to the town, we just followed hiking signs. There are more options for hikes in the area, so once you are there you can pick a different route and just follow the numbered signs (ours was route #3). Views whilst walking in vineyards are absolutely breath taking and we also ended up trying all sorts of grapes that were already ripe enough to eat 😊

The best vineyard hike in Luxembourg is in Grevenmacher town

  1. Rock Climbing

The best place to climb in Luxembourg is Berdorf, which is in north east of Luxembourg and situated near the border with Germany. It takes around 35 minutes to drive there. You will have to get permission to climb there, so check the details here. You’ll also need to be a member of an USIAA or IFSC association to climb there.

  1. Thermo SPA adventures

There is a really massive Wellness & Fitness SPA approx. 30 min drive from the oldtown (you can also take a bus). They have a fitness centre, massage services and various pools with a mineralised water. There are few more good swimming and wellness places in Luxembourg, so if you are interested, check what else available here.

  1. Gym & Callisthenics

There are lots of gym options in Luxembourg City, so choose whatever the most convenient for you. We didn’t try any gyms in Luxembourg, so can’t comment on any of them. There is also one callisthenics park which is in Petrusse valley. I was not able to find any callisthenics classes unfortunately, at least at the time of my visit.

  1. Other options

Luxembourg has plenty of alternative activity options on offer such as parachuting, water sports and horseback riding, however we did not have time to explore anything else. I found this website useful when looking for things to do in Luxembourg, so see if there’s anything else you like.

There are plenty activities in Luxembourg

Overall verdict:

Luxembourg was a nice discovery and certainly one of the most unexpected fit travel highlights of the year as I went there without any expectation or much previous knowledge of the country. It far exceeded my hopes. Despite its small size, it’s a really beautiful country – both the capital and surrounding areas – it’s easy to navigate and we managed to survive without French (just with English) throughout the country. It also offered lots of opportunities for the active holiday, so we had a really fun and active three days. There are lots of healthy food options to choose from in cafes and restaurants too, so those conscious of health, Luxembourg is a place for you! Summary: suitable for a weekend getaway as well as for the longer trip (i.e. cycling). Would happily return for another exploration!


  1. Which hotel to stay in Luxembourg?

We stayed in Hotel Simoncini (4* hotel in Luxembourg City oldtown). Booked via and it cost us 310€ for 2 people, so 155€ per person for 2 nights. From my research before the trip I would say in a generally expensive country like Luxembourg for the 4* hotel in the old town that was a good price. The hotel also served nice breakfast including champagne so that was definitely a plus😊

  1. What is the weather like in September in Luxembourg?

The weather during our stay was great: around 18-20C, sunny with few outbreaks of clouds. Take a jacket, comfy shoes and sunglasses. We were out in the evening and it got a bit chilly so we were glad to have our jackets with us. I suggest you also take comfy shoes (i.e. trainers) as Luxembourg City (as well as all country) is quite hilly and we saw some people struggling without proper shoes. Sunglasses helped as well, especially hiking on open areas where there was little cover from the sun.

  1. How much money do you need for a weekend in Luxembourg? 
  • Hotel: 155€
  • Food & Drinks: 130€
  • Entrance to two castles: 5€
  • Comedy Show we attended: 5€
  • Fuel: whoops! We haven’t counted this ☹

Total cost for a weekend break in Luxembourg: 312€ + fuel (we drove to all our destinations in Luxembourg)


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